Welcome Extempers!

1) Please check the postings for your draw time.
2) Be sure you schedule your time so you do not miss your draw time. The times are fixed and if you are late to the prep room, your prep time is shortened. Speaker positions cannot be switched or changed.
3) You will be admitted into the Extemp Prep Room one minute before the start of your prep time. As you enter the prep room, please rename yourself and list your speaker position and competition room number. Ex: 3-Tommy Jeffers (Room #)
4) Student cameras should be on at all times in the prep room.
5) After you are admitted into the prep room, the topics will be posted in the chat box at the beginning of your prep time.
6) As with in-person tournaments, you will be given a two-minute warning and then be dismissed by the proctor to go to your competition room.

Email sent to Extemp Competitors on 3-10-2021:

Dear Extemp Competitors,

We are so excited that you have signed up to compete in Extemp for Stoa Virtual – Purple.

Because this is a virtual tournament, Extemp Prep will look a bit different then in an in-person tournament. It is very important that you read this email closely to understand the virtual process so that all will go smoothly.

*Read the below instructions CAREFULLY:

As soon as speech postings go up for Pattern A - go directly to the Main Room for Extemp Prep (enter via link at Student Central on Tourney Website).

The official Draw/Speak times for each speaking position will be visible there. Take note of your draw/speak time and if you are not speaker 1 or 2, you may move on to complete other speeches that you are competing in.

Please return to the Main Room at least 5 – 7 minutes prior to your draw time for attendance and for admittance into the Prep Breakout room. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE ON TIME SO THAT YOU CAN ENTER THE PREP BREAKOUT ROOM WITH THE OTHER COMPETITORS IN YOUR DRAW TIME GROUP. If you are not in the Main Room in time to go into the Prep Breakout room with your draw time group, you will be admitted late, but your speak time will remain the same, thus shortening your prep time.

Upon entering the Main Room, your attendance will be noted by the Main Room Proctor and you will be instructed to change your identifying information to: speaker position – first name, last name – competition room. For example: 4 – Jon Murray – 512. Efficiency would be added to the process if you could make this change prior to entry into the Main Room.

At one minute prior to your draw time, you will be invited to join the Extemp Prep Breakout room. Once there, you will receive these instructions:

Please keep your camera on (at all times) and your mic muted (unless you have a question for the prep room proctor).
Please turn your chat on so that you will be able to see your questions.
Remember there is NO internet use, except that which allows you to access Zoom.

At that time, you will see the questions in the group chat and your prep time will officially begin. If you cannot see the questions in the chat, unmute your mic and tell the Prep Room Proctor. The room proctor will repost the questions to you privately.

As you are prepping, you will be notified at 20 minutes remaining, 10 minutes remaining and 5 minutes remaining.

With 2 minutes remaining you will be notified that it is now time to wrap up your prep and head to your speaking room. You will then leave the meeting and go directly to your speaking room, which you can find on the Competition Room tab. You do not need to return to the Main Room before leaving.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Blessing to you all,

Sandi Glick
Extemp Prep Proctor
Email: sandiglick@gmail.com