Virtual Speech Protocol

Dress Code

  • Normal tournament attire is required, with the exception of footwear. Students may, at their option, choose to have informal footwear if their feet are not visible on camera.


  • Students should stand to deliver their speeches.
  • Other distractions (e.g. pets, other siblings, music, etc.) should be avoided as much as possible during a round.
  • Students will not be allowed to screen share during their speeches.
  • Once postings are up, students should proceed immediately to their competition rooms. Students who fail to come to their assigned competition room before the last 15 minutes of the round may not have time to compete. If you are having technical difficulties, you must notify the tournament at the beginning of the round.


  • As with in-person tournaments, Stoa Speech rules will be followed. The rules can be found on the Stoa website.


  • Timing will be done by one of the judges in the room. This will be the official time and will be shared with the competitor and the other judges at conclusion of the speech.
  • Students should have a timepiece that they start at the beginning of their speech and have within easy eyesight so that they can be aware of their time while delivering their speech.

Limited Prep Events:

For Apologetics and Mars Hill competitors, the Room Prompter will administer the topics and the Head Judge will administer the prep time.

For Extemp competitors,
1) Please check the postings for your draw time.
2) Be sure you schedule your time so you do not miss your draw time. The times are fixed and if you are late to the prep room, your prep time is shortened. Speaker positions cannot be switched or changed.
3) You will be admitted into the Extemp Prep Room one minute before the start of your prep time. As you enter the prep room, please rename yourself and list your speaker position and competition room number. Ex: 3-Tommy Jeffers (Room #)
4) Student cameras should be on at all times in the prep room.
5) After you are admitted into the prep room, the topics will be posted in the chat box at the beginning of your prep time.
6) As with in-person tournaments, you will be given a two-minute warning and then be dismissed by the proctor to go to your competition room.